We definitely need more research for Cluster Headache...

Arte Cluster Research Campaign opens with Details from the “Mushroom Adventure”, an awareness series by supporting artist DeaQ:

"The reason why we wanted to show these mushrooms as "Superheroes" is, that they actually can help people suffering from Cluster Headaches in a good way."

We can see in a humorous way “The Mushroom” as a Superhero beating “The Cluster”...
Psychedelic drugs are being explored with promising results as a treatment for Cluster Headache, PTSD, Depression and other medical conditions but research is still scarce.

Psilocybin with psychological support for treatment-resistant depression: an open-label feasibility study

Response of cluster headache to psilocybin and LSD
Sewell RA, Halpern JH, Pope HG Jr.


The authors interviewed 53 cluster headache patients who had used psilocybin or lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) to treat their condition. Twenty-two of 26 psilocybin users reported that psilocybin aborted attacks; 25 of 48 psilocybin users and 7 of 8 LSD users reported cluster period termination; 18 of 19 psilocybin users and 4 of 5 LSD users reported remission period extension. Research on the effects of psilocybin and LSD on cluster headache may be warranted.

Arte Cluster Research Campaign with supporting artist and Cluster Headache sufferer Susan Hoffman, USA.