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Statements ARTe Cluster Project

Peter Goadsby, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Neurology
Director, Headache Center
UCSF University of California, San Francisco

Andrea Carmine Belin

Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Lisa Dikomitis

Lecturer in Social Research
School of Social Sciences, University of Hull, UK
Dr. Dikomitis is a social anthropologist researching cluster headache

Mike Pollock

Chairman OUCH UK

Elisabeth Müller

Executive Director at EAN Head Office, Vienna
European Academy of Neurology

Dott. Domenico Cassano

Neuro-Psichiatra, con particolare interesse nel campo delle cefalee
Tra le sue passioni: collezionismo, pittura, musica - soprattutto lirica - e cucina

Sito personale:
Sito sulle cefalee:

Prof. Dimos D. Mitsikostas, MD, PhD

President, European Headache Federation

Chris Hannah

The Cluster Headache Support Group, USA

Bob Wold

Founder and President of ClusterBusters

Dr. Colette Andrée

BSChem, MPharm,
PhDProject Coordinator, Center of Public Health Research, Luxembourg
Health Care, Dep. Pharmaceutical Science, University Basle
Co- founder of EHA and of WHA
jDirector Migraine Action, Switzerland

Prof. Giuseppe Nappi

Direttore Scientifico IRCCS Fondazione Casimiro Mondino,
Istituto Neurologico Nazionale
Centro Cefalee di Pavia
Via Mondino 2 – 27100 Pavia

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