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"CH feeling" Video by Cluster Headache sufferer Helge Nilsen for Arte Cluster Project.

Arte Cluster is an international art project raising awareness for Cluster Headaches, also known as "Suicide Headaches".

Music: "Horror O'Horrible" written & performed by 22-Pistepirkko
p +c 1984, 1996 Bare Bone Business, Bone Voyage Recordings
taken from the album "Zipcode" courtesy of 22-pp/Bone Voyage Recordings
Special thanks to Quintus Kannegiesser, Bone Voyage Recordings

Music Clearance & Image "Boogeyman" courtesy of Arte Cluster Project *Awareness through Art*

Produzione del video "Time after time"...

"Time after time" by Ludovica Bastianini, colours by William Anderson
Music by Kevin McLeod

Something a little different from the normal Psychotic Episodes theme. I was hired by The Arte Cluster Project, Claudio Geraci & Francisca Mesa, (an international group trying to raise awareness for the medical condition known as "Cluster Headaches" or "Suicide Headaches") to colour this drawing by Ludovica Bastianini.
The cause of this condition is not known and there is no cure.The pain is the worst known to man.
As a gift and to try help spread their message I decided to make this short video of the colouring process. i hope you enjoy.

William Anderson

Video "The Pain of Cluster Headache"

Creazione e produzione del video "The Pain of Cluster Headache" con l’arte di Agnes-Cecile e la gentile partecipazione dell‘artista spagnolo Sergio Contreras, con il suo brano "Te está matando"

"Sensibilizzare i medici, gli amministratori, i ricercatori ed in generale l’opinione pubblica sulle straordinarie sofferenze indotte dalla Cefalea a Grappolo è di fondamentale importanza per garantire, a chi soffre di questa malattia, il rispetto dell’elementare diritto all’accesso alle poche terapie efficaci esistenti ed a forme di tutela medico-legale.

I sofferenti di cefalea a grappolo trovano in Italia enormi difficoltà ad utilizzare l’ossigeno, perché questa malattia non è ancora inclusa tra le indicazioni terapeutiche dell’ossigenoterapia. Anche l’accesso all’Imigran fiale appare spesso complicato per le resistenze dei medici di medicina generale a prescrivere un farmaco che non conoscono e costa molto, ma soprattutto perché il farmaco troppo spesso manca nelle farmacie per problemi legati alla sua distribuzione."

For sufferers to have a better chance of access to the necessary medications, raising awareness of cluster headache amongst the medical profession and the public, is of paramount importance.

Imigran injections are under-prescribed and are sometimes unavailable in pharmacies for long periods of time; this leaves sufferers with nothing to cope with the almost unbearable pain. Oxygen is often unprescribed; it is well tolerated and has no side effects and should at least be prescribed alongside Imigran injections, as well as on its own.

Claudio Geraci, Coordinatore Al.Ce. Cluster Europa

“Potion” for the Arte Cluster Project

This was part of a Series for the Arte Cluster Project who Work to raise awareness for Cluster Headaches. Cluster Headache, also called “Suicide Headache”, is described as the worst pain known to medical science. The cause is not known and there is no cure. In consequence of the chronic pain, many Cluster Headache patients also suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Psychedelic drugs are being explored with promising results as a treatment for Cluster Headache, PTSD and other medical conditions but research is still scarce.

Arte Cluster supports psychedelic research, please support Arte Cluster Awareness Campaign

Arte Cluster Project – Art for Awareness
Claudio Geraci, Francisca Mesa

Logo Arte cluster

"Canzone per Claudio”
©Giuseppe Capobianco

My Cluster Headache
Android Application

Thanks to Christophe Delage