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Andrea Carmine Belin

Andrea Carmine Belin

Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

In order to develop better ways of preventing clinical symptoms of cluster headache, or better still find a cure, we must decipher the causes of the disease. My research aims at increasing the understanding of what causes cluster headache by focusing on genetic factors. For these studies my research team is building a biobank with biological tissue and clinical data from cluster headache patients. Our studies are therefore indeed completely dependent on the participation of patients suffering from cluster headache and we are forever grateful for their contribution.

The ARTe Cluster project is an important initiative to increase the awareness for a severe and rare condition such as cluster headache as well as of those suffering from this disabling disorder. As a non-clinician the life stories and illustrations helps me getting a deeper understanding for cluster headache and motivates me to work even harder.

Andrea Carmine Belin

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