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Poems by Tina Louise Crook

Tina Louise Crook, United Kingdom

Tina Louise Crook supports her husband, chronic sufferer Kevin Crook

I Pray

I hate to see you suffer
I hate to see you in pain
I hate that I feel helpless
Unable to take it all away.

I pray for you to be happy
I pray for you to be pain free
I pray that one day soon
that the beast will no longer be.

So, this I say to you Kev
I'm always by your side.
Please, please don't give in
Or let this horrible illness win

"Kev vs Eugene"

Days like today are more frequent than they should be.
I need pain free days just to be me.
oh to have a day, an hour, a morning or night.
Just a little time where I don't have to fight.
The beast likes to win.
But I won't give in.

by TLC with Love

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