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Dario King aka Flow

Dario King aka Flow
Central, Barbados

"Can't get the rainbow without the rain ..."

Dario King aka Flow is a 18 year old rapper from the small island of Barbados...
Signed to Chase Inc. Records

Thanks to Flow & crew for supporting Arte Cluster Project


Twitter @FlowO__x

"Cluster headaches are real, ArteCluster is making the world aware and helping those who go through it in many ways…" Dario King aka Flow

Invisible Pain

They don’t know how I feel though x3
They don’t
There’s Something that I’m afraid of,
What if I go to sleep and I never wake up,
All day you know that I be high as fuck,
And she ask me why you look like that I’m on drugs,
Do this often weekdays and a weekend,
We was fucking even when we weren’t speaking,
My pain is Invisible,
They don’t see it,
They don’t know,
Pour up my lean and I roll my smoke,
I pop some pills now I want some more,
Call up my plug he got the antidote,
Told me that I couldn’t do this couldn’t do that,
I started to trap they say I couldn’t move that,
I started to rap they say that shit it sound whack,
Hoes “Aint” used to let fuck “aint” let me hit it from the back
Aint nobody check up on me yeah,
I be feeling like a zombie yeah,
Them demons they won’t get up off me yeah,
My momma steady praying for me yeah,
I might be crazy,
Save me,
Momma cooking that gravy,
She look at me,
My eyes bloody,
She Love me,
She Want me to change I promise,
That even if I don’t change I’ll make you proud,
I’ll make you smile, I’ll make you smile,
Show you everything you did was worth the while,
I’m on three different drugs I’m versatile,
Only time that I swear it aint hard to smile,
On prescription pills that I aint been prescribed,
And I be on that syrup it got me mouth so dry,
And I swear I been through this shit about a thousand times Oh lord,
Sometimes I feel to breakdown,
But the shows on the road I got to make rounds,
I’m a hustler,
I’m a soldier,
I’m a stoner,
Arizona I been Smoking,
Yeah that shit is fairly potent,
I’m everything that they told “yuh”
Probably not as much though,
Niggas spreading rumors,
And I still aint give a fuck though,
As time pass I get to realize what life is,
It’s priceless if you doing the right shit,
But shit I aint,
Do them drugs till I faint,
She a thot out here acting like a motherfucking saint,
I can’t trust nobody,
I can’t trust none,
I say fuck everybody,
I say fuck “em”,
And my bro from way back in the day moved away,
And caught a case over in England,
Don’t stress My dawg, Told all my “dawgs”,
That we all “goan” be some big ones

"Canzone per Claudio”
©Giuseppe Capobianco

My Cluster Headache
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