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Poems by Darren Hamilton

Darren Hamilton,
United Kingdom

I am 48 years old, Chronic Cluster Headache sufferer for 8 years,
learning difficulties, reading, writing etc., hence the spelling.
I wrote this between attacks, 3am
I am also a biker, ex-army and nuts, CH is just one more cherry on this fruitcake...

“Shadows” by Darren Hamilton

Wince in pain clutching hair,
Having an attack that isn’t there
It wasn’t there again all day
I wish it would just go away


“The CH Wife” by Darren Hamilton


This is my life of pain and strife
In the nightly embrace of my attentive wife,
With ragged nails, she rakes my brain
Flash of light searing pain,
The hour passes, she’s not finished yet
I lie here in an ice cold sweat,
Body contorted face in rictus
Like some scriptured unholy pictures.

Sat alone silent chair, furrowed brow, greasy hair
A gentle stroke, I know she’s there
Hello my love, I know you care
Her passion rise aside my plight
Her painful kiss that takes my sight
Kiss me bitch, now we fight
Your loving embrace with all my mite
Your manor with me is really shite

Blinded, lanced and seared in pain,
Ragged nails across my brain
Body twists, temple hit
Another senseless rage filled fit
Panting, rocking, crying, screaming
Her love for me is unyielding
Leaving me a slaughtered feeling
As I stagger end up kneeling

Hands shake, words mumble
With my O2 tank I still fumble
Sucking down, gulping air
Any ease is all I care
Pulse racing head pounding
Every second slowly sounding
Too tired to cry too tired to fight
Agonised in this timeless plight

Now my love at her best
Chooses now not to let me rest
With strength a new and evil spite
She shatters nerves with all her might
Bedsheets sweaty twisted tight
Silent screams shatter night
Tear runs down my clenched cheek
Small relief is all I seek

A glimpse of hope
Instead of dread
As I twist in my bed
Killing thoughts before they spread
She has a way to want me dead
To end it all I do ponder
How many nights I have squandered
This love of mine, my painful wife

Is she really worth this fight?
Slut, whore, unfaithful bitch
With Imigran I will unhitch
Pain threshold met clenched fists
And sweat ragged breath bottle sucking
This bitch really takes some fucking
Time fleets seconds pass
Until this jab works in my ass…

Pain easing...
She’s slowly teasing
A gentle breath an easy sigh
No rhyme or reason, no answer why
Good night my love, you gave your best
Back to hell and let me rest
This nightly courtship I do share
Make wot yot will, I just don’t care

This is my story; this is my life
You may think I’m rude, you should meet the wife…
Finally resting blissfully sleeping
At least one hour before she starts creeping
Till then my love with your ever embrace
Take your time, there’s no need to race
I’ll be here ready to fight
Another round another night...

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