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My Daughter Chrissy by Ann Harper

Ann Harper, United Kingdom

Ann & Arthur Harper support her daughter Christine Harper, a chronic sufferer

“My Daughter Chrissy ” by Ann Harper

My daughter Chrissy is a real smarty,
She beats up her monster,
Because she's a black belt in karate.
She can sing and dance and makes us all laugh,
And when she's around it’s beautiful to see!
She is so good looking,
With her long blonde hair,
And what people think of her,
She just doesn't care.
But there is just one problem with our Chrissy,
She has chronic pain that she lives with and it
drives her insane!!
Her monster is waiting for her in the grooves of her staircase,
Which no one can see.
It's big I think, with red eyes and pointy teeth and it just sits there waiting for her!
We don't know why it's there.
People just don't believe that it's there.
But I know it's trapping her waiting at the top of them stairs.
The other day it nearly caught her, she was trapped, frozen with fright,
But her little boy came in and scared it away,
By giving her love and hugs,
And then he said: “mummy don't be silly I am here but I shall keep that monster away
so we can go outside and play again!”

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