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Carmen Büchner
Artist, Germany

Die Erinnerung überstandener Schmerzen ist Vergnügen. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).
Translated freely: The memory of recovering from pain is happiness.

Every three years I am struggling with a cluster headache phase, which is lasting for one and a half month. The attacks themselves are present with four till eight times per night. With the drugs and oxygen, it is possible to suppress the pain by approximately 80%. The phases heavily affect on my daily life and they change everything I am used to it. Everything revolves around this hell pain and it dominates my fear when the pain will come back.

It is now the third time that I am suffering this pain and this time I decided to deal with the disease differently. As an artist, I approached the topic from a visual perspective and I tried to put my feelings in pictures. The result of this is a visual and artificial retrospective of the last one and a half month.

I wish you a lot of energy.

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