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Cindy Joy Wilkerson

Miriam is my oldest of five children. We do family shoots with themes. One of them is Protecting Hands. Each person has their own struggles. Miriam has begun to get severe headaches (migraines and cluster headaches). Nathanya just started getting the headaches this last month. My son Jared has been getting them for the last year. My son Samuel also gets the headaches; Jared and Miriam have them worse than the others, so far... Mine have been considered the worse of the worse because it is not only migraines, and clusters, but also hypersensitive Trigeminal nerves. All trigger the others; weather also triggers the attacks for all of us.

I am 41 and have had migraines, cluster headaches, and trigeminal nerve sensitivity as long as I can remember. Growing up they only ever said I was having migraines and was diagnosed with every migraine there is. I often wondered if it was some sort of seizure. Often they would think I was having brain bleeds because no matter what amount of morphine or meds they administered, it would not kick the excruciating pain I was experiencing, but my body would get so weak. I would eventually pass out and my body would reboot in a sense. Later, when I got married my husband would be left to tell me to breathe because they had given me so many meds that I would stop breathing. He would yell BREATH - to wake up my mind to remember that task. The pain still killed!

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