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Poems by Kevin Crook

Kevin Crook, United Kingdom

Now its my time of day

I've had one of those days
you know what I mean
so I sit back and relax
and turn on my screen.

I'll talk to all my friends
who know just what to say
to make my stresses go
and my troubles fade away.

My friends you're always there for me
whenever I feel blue
and though we've never met before
I know our friendships true.

And although we haven't been friends for long
in this short time it seems
we shared so many things already
our hopes, our fears, our dreams.

We come from different walks of life
but we share a common bond
and it's time to say that of all of you
I've grown so very fond.

So thank you friends for being there
whenever I've needed you
I know you're always there for me
and you know I'm there for you.

And I Will Be Well Again...

Each morning I wake up with this pain in my head.
Often think oh no not again, but I don't know how sometimes, but I get ready to fight,
with the beast that keeps trying to rip off my head.
Before I can barely open my eyes, he starts off with his viscous attacks.
Starting off with stabs to my eye, which often makes me want to cry.
Then he moves in for my jaw, as if he's scratching me with one of his claws,
if that's not enough he gives me a whack, and my ear feels like it's being hit with a bat.
Then before I can scream out in pain, he just goes like he's never been.
I rub my head, and cool my eye, then just wait because I know he'll be back to carry on the fight.
This battle will carry on all day, as I fight with the beast that's in my head.
He'll continue his attacks with no remorse, sometimes I try and ignore,
but he keeps coming back for more, and more.
But even after all that, one thing he'll do is never win, because I will not give in.
Then at the end of the day I'll crawl up to bed, to try and get the energy to be ready again.
He sometimes decides to give me a break, and let me rest my weary head.
But I know that he's just getting ready to start again, I'm really sick of this pain in my head.
I just pray that for one day, that something will make it go away.

Pain free wishes to all you who suffer, with their personal battles, no one should suffer...
Just a insight to a typical day, but I hope tomorrow it will end.... And I will be well again....


Too much pressure, this pressure got to stop
too much pressure, it's getting to my head
too much pressure, they're giving me hard times,
and I know I've got to break free
I want to break free, yeah I want to break free.
Because I get knocked down
But I get up again,
You're never going to keep me down.

Sometimes in my tears I drown,
But I never let it get me down,
So when negativity surrounds,
I know some day it'll all turn around because,
there's a story in my life
there's a story in my pain
there's a story in my tears
there's a story in me and I won't surrender.

I won't Surrender, no, no, no...
You will not win...


So, another day begins with my unwanted guest
the name of my guest is Eugene
he really is a bloody pest
scratching around inside my head.
He's there when I try to sleep, he's there when I awake
the stabbing and prodding is what I hate.

From this bloody unwanted guest,
just wish he'd give me a rest,
really does put me to the test,
he tries his best to get me down,
but I do my best not to frown,
see one thing my uninvited guest doesn't understand,

is that I will never give in, to his pain,
he pisses me off, and makes me want to cry,
making me just want to bang my head as I try and get him out,
pacing about, wanting to scream,
often wondering will things be the same...
Hope one day this nightmare will end...

But he'll never win as my resolve will always be the same,
one day he'll bugger off, and I'll be free of this uninvited guest,
who really is a bloody pest...
so Eugene it's time to go, you have more than out stayed you’re welcome...
because I've really had enough!!!!
Of my bloody unwanted guest...

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