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Shachar David

Shachar David Spielman
Artist, Israel

My family says that I did not speak until the age of two, but by then I already knew the names of all the colors and could distinguish colorful cubes and their tones. Coloring, painting and doodling were my first form of self-expression.

I have surrounded myself with art my entire life. I attended art school, took comics courses. The drawings decorated the margins of my books and filled many of my notebooks, the walls of my room. My whole world.

I began studying animation at “Hassifa”, the School of Arts, Television and Multimedia at the Open University of Israel. After graduating and improving my technique, I began teaching animation at that institute.

From that point forward, I continued to expand my creative horizons and found myself working in video editing and photography as a freelancer. I am fascinated by the creative process and focused my work on capturing the spirit of those in the creative arts through my lens – a young artist, a group of musicians, an actress and a fashion designer.

Over the past year, all the techniques I have learned, the animation theories, and all the childhood doodles and natural inclinations have combined and found their expression in digital art, painting digitally on touchscreens. About a year ago, I found out I have Cluster Headache, which really opened my mind and turned it inside out. I've learned a lot about it and found myself drawing while suffering the pain.

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