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Poems by Scott Collins

Scott Collins, Canada

Artwork by Scott Collins

"In The Day Or In The Night"

They come without warning.
In the day or in the night.
You can hide under the covers or drink coffee all day,
But there is no surprise to us all, they’re on their way.

Day or night, we’re in for a long day.
At night we can hide alone in the dark,
But day is tricky, to try to keep it hidden and at bay
Looking down at needles, pills and ice

How great life would be if I could just sleep a full night
After all these years, it’s not pain I fear,
It’s the unhappiness it causes every single year
To give up is not an option for me

Stress and no sleep and pain I might fear
But I worked too hard for this life
To not make it through another year...


I sit alone, In the middle of the night,
No contact from the world,
No messages or phone…I sit alone,
After a hard day of pain,
No food, no sleep,
I sit alone, in the middle of the night

Knowing I can’t give in, it will pass,
I sit and think of time that has to pass,
I miss out on time with my wife, kids,
That time I’ll never get back...
Alone in the night is silent, no noise,
It’s no place to be, I am missing my boys...

I look out the window,
The light is coming,
Another night is down...
I have to move like lightning
Off to work I go, because pain, no sleep,
It will never stop.

I made through...
Time to put on the mask
and do what I do,
‘Everything is ok’ smile and laugh...
But we all feel the same,
When we have to wear that mask...


"My Life Is Fight..."

Go, go, go, is how I live,
at the brink of exhaustion,
I give, give give,
this is my life, it's what makes me happy
I hope I am not coming off all sappy,
but just when I think I got it beat
it comes without warning
and knocks me off my feet,

all alone in the dark in the middle of the night,
now my life is fight, fight, fight,
the pain is back, cycle has begun,
now it's give me relief, give me help,
give me myself back,
I am lost and alone, but wait,
things are different than they were last year
I have friends that understand why I shed a tear

"We Own The Night"

The cycle starts here we go,
Pull out your mask, it's time to go,
Alarm goes off, it’s seven already
Your day has start even if you’re not ready.
Legs are shaky, my face is sore
I struggle to make it to the second floor.

Shower, shave, needles and pills,
I made up the first little hill,
Clothes are ready, ten minutes still,
Time to put on the mask, I feel a little better,
That's why I am writing this down
In this so-called letter.

Feeling confident, smiling, being nice to all,
As I feel his presence waiting for me to fall.
This mask I wear
Isn't held on by strings or glue,
But by so-called antidotes,
As we all wait for some magic pill.

Will there be some cure
To fight this demon away,
I fear there won't, this world is not that way,
So long as we just keep up the fight,
There’s one thing we all have in common,
We own the night...


Words, they are used for hate and to misjudge,
Used to drag you through the deepest of mud.
But before you let them leave your lips take a minute and just sit,
Some people’s skin may not be thick as yours,
So choose your words wise and true,
Drop the criticism and hate; it has no place with us,
Just you, one misused word or phrase
You could lose even the strongest of Braves,

Love, hate, respect and trust they are all just words that mean nothing to us,
So clear your mind get out of the haze
Because words can hurt someone on their strongest of days
Only actions speak the loudest of phrase,
Don't lose track of the big picture,
We all have stuff that make us sad and have to go through,
So the words may not cut another but turn out to cut you,
Be kind it's the only way to live so much negativity these days.

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