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Poems by Christine Harper

Christine Harper, United Kingdom

The Monster In My Head

It gets worse everyday... ooh the monster in my head.
Backward and forward, tugging, aching, hurting within my head.
I feel you tearing away, slowly and painfully you begin to pull,
just not a little but a lot,
am dizzy, am tired, am frightened, am crying,
am screaming and wondering why you can’t leave me alone...
ooh the monster in my head.
Am hoping, am fighting, am down on my knees pleading, am dying,
I just want you to go, am waiting...
ooh the monster in my head.
I am yet to understand why you are making your presence known,
you are changing my life, my world, I feel very alone.
Clumsily but gently I try and push you from my head, as I fumble I try to see and
think what to do, when all I feel beneath is the monster in my head.

Then POW your gone but no doubt not for long...
4so I wait now, every morning, every day for MY MONSTER IN MY HEAD!!

Turned Upside Down Thursday by Christine Harper

Look...I am alive,
My hand is using this pen,
Only time will tell because today
My head thinks it's Tuesday but really it's Thursday.

All rage, pain and all ill-gotten gain drives me insane,
I would like to die so please let me lie-for time in my bed,
How beautiful you are, exquisite, divine and your all mine but
I cannot sleep instead I weep.

I dream of walking through fields of grass, it helps my thoughts as time goes passed
With flowers and summer showers,
Watching the clouds in the deep blue sky,
The birds and the bee's and the tree's in the breeze.

As I get up MY HEAD is sane with urge
and strife to go on living my life,
Yet I stand now in wonder to ask
'Why has it taken so long to awaken from my sleeping fuzzy sense'.

My eyes open wide, I see at last
This ecstatic moment is about to pass, the end is approaching fast.
How long did my head exactly last, how long could I tell
when I've been living in HELL!

But no doubt I will wake up tomorrow as another head pattern begins to follow,
I chuckle at the thought that today is
'My turned upside down Thursday'
And this is how my head intends to play!!


Does anyone ever think if The Monster in their head is a He or a She?
Or is that just silly me and my wacky personality...
Well, let us see...
My Monster is a She; her name is Dotty.
Now Dotty makes me slightly potty at times,
She plays games with my mind.

Up and down the stairs, she goes just behide my ear,
I am sure she's trying to appear but I do wish she would just go away.
Some days Dotty sits, swinging back and forth in her chair,
I feel she is pulling at my hair,
Niggling away, she's thumping on my cheekbone,
I wish she would leave me alone.

Maybe she's bored, I wish she pack up her case and go abroad.
I can feel her dancing in her high heels and singing a song
‘Let’s get ready to Party'!
She's shaking her bootie right behide my eye socket
And it's about to explode like a rocket!
Goodness she's invited a unwanted guest in my head,

What a blinking pest, bumping and banging,
When Dotty gets mad, I become very down and sad,
I cry to her, I scream at her and even swear at HER
And all I hear is her giggling and wiggling within me
When I am just barely trying to see what is in front of me.

Dotty’s hobby is knitting,
With her prodding and stabbing,
It's driving me insane,
I am in soo much PAIN!
My head is fuzzy, Dotty is still crashing about,
Jumping and running around,

With every second of her sound
I just want to fall to the ground.
Then there's silence, no sound at all,
Has my annoying BFF gone for a while and here I am
Crumbled in a heap on the floor while Dotty has nipped out
The back door to surprise us all.

Goodbye Dotty,
Fingers crossed,
You have took a shuttle
Up to the moon,
See you on your return but please
Don't come back to soon.

I would like to say you will be sadly missed
But I apologise I am taking the piss,
So now, I am PAIN FREE so let's see what becomes of ME
And you may all be thinking whilst reading this,
That wee girl is slightly scatty but I wouldn't have myself
Any other way and that's the way I am going to stay!

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