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Poems by Hilde Synnøve Vollan

Hilde Synnøve Vollan, Norway

“Battling Cluster Headaches” by Hilde Synnøve Vollan

My senses have declared war.
Bathroom lights exploding like painful bombs.
Terrorizing screams from every water drop.
All scents feel sharp as knives.

My foggy head regrets waking up this early.
My body tries to lie still without moving a muscle.
The beast rattles like a snake terrorizing my head.
The peace is gone and all I feel is pain.

I start running as fast as I can.
This forest is infinite and dark as hell.
Time stops with pain no man should feel.
Escaping is impossible.

This war is real; my battles are tough.
My battle wounds leave deep invisible scars.
My strongest weapon is my loving family.
I keep fighting this war.

“A Day’s Work” by Hilde Synnøve Vollan

Every morning I set a goal
I try to challenge myself
Most evenings I can smile
Knowing I did something nice

Sometimes I need a reminder
When the pain is just too extreme
Those times when I am exhausted and weary

That is when I keep reminding myself:
Tomorrow starts a new day
...hopefully filled with a lot less pain!

“Today’s Thoughts” by Hilde Synnøve Vollan

This Friday is nearly pain free.
Some days are better than others.
I’m getting stronger,
but still fighting.

Every day is a struggle,
I can never flee from the pain.
The shadows will be ignored,
But cannot be forgotten.

Savoring every good moment.
Memorizing how they feel.
My world is not perfect,
But it is so much better than before.

Today I feel like I’m winning.
How long will it last?
Am I prepared for whatever lies ahead?
With these questions lingering,
I’ve decided to postpone worrying.

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