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Nora, Canada

Migraine has been a regular companion for me since my teens.
When I entered my thirties, something darker and much more sinister decided to take residence behind my eye. Waking me up with a jolt so intense I once sprained my ankle falling out of bed trying to escape the madman that obviously broke into my home and was carving out my eye and temple.
Describing the pain was impossible. It only sounded like hysteric exaggerations about a bad migraine; attention seeking drama.
Yet, this is no migraine. This is Cluster Headache.
So, like a scared toddler, convinced of a monster under her bed waiting to torture her until she screamed for death to take her, she feared sleep and picked up a pencil for the first time ever to fill the quiet of the night... and began to draw.

"I have always maintained that pain doesn’t define me. I refuse to accept that pain is nothing more than just one of many experiences that make up what is my life. But an experience it is; a profound one. There isn’t much pain out there greater than that of Cluster Headaches and I’ve endured much physical pain in my thirties… I mean, twenty some odd years. So when I was diagnosed with Cluster Headache and the idea that this horrific condition would be added on top of all of my other pain issues, I found myself focusing too much on my pain in a negative way. Selfishly, I found that drawing permits me to ‘whine’ about my pain and the emotional rollercoaster I find myself on so often, just in a much more positive way. Being included in the Arte Cluster Project has allowed me to take my expression a step further and participate in helping to create awareness and education on a platform that I wouldn’t otherwise be afforded. I’m eternally humbled and am grateful to Claudio and the other contributors that I’m included in such a fantastic project. From the macabre to the uplifting, I find it all to be inspiring."

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