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Elisabeth Müller

Elisabeth Müller

Executive Director at EAN Head Office, Vienna
European Academy of Neurology

When I first saw the presentation and art works, it gave me the creeps and also goose pimples in not such a horrifying way. I have made my acquaintance with headache, perhaps 3 times in my life with migraine, but do not know what cluster headache really is about. I have quite a clear glimpse now, but would never dare say I understand what it really means to go through it. "Normal" people forget pain more or less in the second it ends.

We are afraid of pain, but certainly not to the extent that sufferers of this kind of condition may have. It appears to be a never ending story. But again: horrifying. What though is also clear for me: I cannot even draw/make doodles in "the right" way, but what I see here is art – and hope and light, in spite of the pain.

It is my hope that the cure will come, and even more so that all these creative fellows will continue keeping creating and realizing more of these wonderful works, which I, not being a sufferer myself, will never get at. Other than sending my very heartfelt and best wishes to all concerned, I will gladly host any exhibition of such kind at one of the upcoming congresses I might be in charge of.

Lisa Müller

"Canzone per Claudio”
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My Cluster Headache
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