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Dear Cluster Headache... by Marky Malarky

dear cluster headache, please gimme a break,
each and every night u keep me awake,
f**k sake !!!! this is a piss take,
the meds dont work, so they must be fake,

my brain will ache, my eye will bake,
it feels like my skull is starting to break,
i start to shake, with all the meds i take,
i got to ask the doctor did he make a mistake ?? ............

my eye,,,, my vain, my face my jaw my brain,
i cant explain the level of pain!!!!!
im living in fear and im going insane,
what could be the triggers that are causing my pain,
i feel drained from this strain, but maintain to stay sane,
i swear cluster headache is my ball and chain

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