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Torino, Italia

My name is Mauro149, born in '81, from Torino.

I have been drawing ever since I can recall, and this need led me, throughout the years, to master pencil, pen, spraypaint can, brush and, finally, graphic tablet, on a trail from passion to lifestyle and work. In 2007, together with my three dearest friends and graffiti crewmates, I opened Truly Design Studio (

We focus on elements of visual communication such as graphic design, illustration, mural art, interior decoration and, time allowing, we take part in exhibitions and art-related events. I also teach at the European Institute of Design, where I graduated in 2004.
I adore listening to music (mostly heavy metal, 70's prog rock and electronic), reading, travel, walking in the mountains with my girl and the dog, and staying out til dawn on warm summer nights.
My life has always been rich in events, adventures and friends, and somewhere in the middle my circadian rhythm must have gotten confused. Family genes played a leading role, and at 17 a capricious, violent animal of habit sat down on the right side of my head, and has been returning ever since. I was, of course, diagnosed with Cluster Headache.
From that moment, I slowly started to make independent research, as CH is still partly mysterious amongst doctors. Basing myself mostly on information shared by other sufferers on websites!, I learnt to live and cope with my ailment. I learnt to understand its physical and (I am quite convinced) psychological roots, learning to limit its tantrums and its unkind control over my life.
Like many, I was relieved to find out that with natural methods - such as water, ice and oxygen - and a very limited amount of medicines, I can cope with my beast, reducing it to nothing but a whiny cub. With little or no side effects, as juxtaposed with a massive consumption of subcutanous shots, pills, etc.
I also find a great relief in my art, in which I strive to convey meaning symbolically.

"Lotus" (2010, ecoline, ball-point pen and India ink on paper)- Here I picture myself in a limbo between sanity and pain, wallowing in placid waters. The burning feeling inside my head is fought with a research for inner peace, a loved companion, and medicines (hence the syringe), which I abused of at the time.

"Nooo, not again!" (2009, India ink on paper) - I took a picture of myself during a "hit", and after recovering I set to work on the drawing. The monster takes many shapes: my eye is a roach, my hair is flame blown by a giant, hairy penguin, and my chin hides an evil minotaur.

"Trapezoid"(2010, ball-point pen and Photoshop) - This piece is inspired by the omonymous song by death metal band Scar Symmetry, and talks about lifting the veil from in front of our eyes to discover our own true essence. I believe this to be a fundamental part in confronting one's ailments, whatever they may be.
An experience both enlightening and, sometimes, painful.
The burning gash in the veil is in front of my right eye, as I am a "rightie"!

The Arte Cluster logo was proudly designed by Mauro

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