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Chris Hannah

Chris Hannah

The Cluster Headache Support Group, USA

Cluster Headache

I have tried so many times to express in words the complexity of losing the life you once had, the friendships and acquaintances that fill the gaps of living with pleasure and laughter, the joy of accomplishment from succeeding with work and hobbies, of sharing a laugh and tenderness with your loved one.

Pain is simply pain, as bad as it may be, but living in severe pain is truly unimaginable to those who don’t know it. It takes so much from you that you cherish any fleeting moment away from it, brief as it may be. You plan to contact old friends, go somewhere, maybe do some planting or start a new project.

In the end, the pain returns.

How much can you really do, spur of the moment, in a half a day? Even in respite, your ability to concentrate, to remember, to think clearly, is marred by medication and exhaustion. Many state that the pain of cluster headache is the worst known to humans, and I can confirm that it indeed tears your head apart as though a beast has ripped open your skull only to poke, prod, and pull away at you as you try desperately to escape. But there is no escape, no playing dead.

And when he’s done, you know only too well that he’ll be back soon, again and again, for the rest of your life. We do go on, at least many of us, in the hope that it will improve, that we CAN be there for others and live a real life.

Some choose to stop the pain the only way possible, especially those whose lives have been stolen from them. Their friends don’t understand it, or don’t believe it, or don’t care. Their spouses or partners have moved on. Their family may be supportive, maybe not. They’ve lost their career, their hobbies, even the ability to enjoy a good book. There’s little left for them except the pain, again and again. THAT is life, and death, with cluster headache.

Through art we can express those things that cannot simply be said. It is a poem, a manuscript on canvas that alludes to the truth. We can see beyond the brushstroke and the image to the story it tells. Please read these messages about cluster headache as you would a biographical novel of pain, loss, and reality.

Chris Hannah

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