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Bob Wold

Bob Wold

Founder and President of ClusterBusters

One of the most frustrating aspects of living with Cluster Headaches is trying to explain how devastating they can be, to others.
Most people will give up after years of trying to get even truly concerned friends and family to understand. This can cause sufferers to become even more withdrawn than the pain alone causes.
To find someone that not only understands, but can also help people demonstrate to others, what they feel, is often a life changing event. As extraordinary as the amount of physical pain this condition brings, it is often the mental strain that can destroy a persons will to live.

Our bodies are actually designed to help forget the pain and move on with life.
We aren’t designed to easily forget a lack of understanding, acceptance and respect. To be misunderstood, especially by friends, family and those you love, unlike a physical pain, are like an open wound that never heals.

These pieces of artwork not only tell everyone that they are understood by others, but that they are not alone. To know that people do understand, and that others are willing to put their story out there for the public to view, helps heal deep wounds and aides in helping others step out from their isolation.

Thank you for giving people with Cluster Headaches a voice.
We have often found that words do not adequately express the social deprivation and physical toll this affliction causes.
This artwork speaks a truth for all those searching for the right words. Thank you.

Bob Wold
President Clusterbusters, Inc.

"Canzone per Claudio”
©Giuseppe Capobianco

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