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Katie Fairweather

Traditional & Digital Art

Amarillo, Texas, USA

My father, a very tall, strong man was a victim of debilitating Cluster Headaches. Once I saw him accidentally drill a hole in his thumb, then look through it saying,
"I just drilled a hole through my thumb."
This same man would spend hours moaning in the dark, crawling on the floor and crying when he'd have a headache. He'd even hit his head against the wall at times.

My headaches started in my teens.
It would feel as if someone had driven a wooden stake through one side of my head then broken it off.

It's difficult to translate that kind of pain to someone who has not experienced it. I've broken bones, had lacerations, contusions, minor burns, a C-section without enough anesthesia and been in a plane crash.

I'd rather do all that again than have another Cluster Headache.

Raised in upstate New York, Mrs. Fairweather has lived her entire adult life in the Texas Panhandle with her husband of over twenty-five years, her children and her grandson. My philosophies about life have to do with finding humor everywhere, expression for expression's sake, freedom with responsibility and caring for our fellow creatures. I see the world as a gift to be enjoyed and nurtured. To me art is all about expression. Expression is the interpretation of how the artist feels. When I hear people say 'I can't draw a straight line' I tell them to get a ruler. If you feel like painting you should paint. If you feel like singing you should sing. If you want to dance, write, sculpt, build, make, do, you should do that, regardless of your skill levels. The artistry comes in expressing your inspiration in that moment.

BS in Disaster Planning and Emergency Management with Minor in Fine Arts from University of North Texas, plus years and years instruction and practice.

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